The Project

‘The Cultural History of Southall’ is a two and a half year project, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), and based at the

Department of Drama, in the University of Exeter.

The two main researchers are Dr Jerri Daboo (Department of Drama, University of Exeter), and Dr Ann David (Department of Dance, Roehampton University).

The project aims to research, document and disseminate the cultural history of Southall, with a particular focus on the development of performance arts, and their relationship to socio-political organisations and events.

We are collaborating with The Southall Story organisation, who have already created a large-scale exhibition celebrating the culture of Southall. The three directors of The Southall Story, Kuljit Bhamra, Shakila Maan and Ammy Phull, are also consultants on the research project. The AHRC project is conducting extensive field research in Southall to examine the complex histories of migration and diaspora, as well as questioning current views and definitions on the notion of ‘community’ in relation to our research.

There are a number of public and academic outputs which will result from the project:

– an academic book authored by Ann David and Jerri Daboo

– a symposium

– an exhibition

– a website

– a digital archive.

They symposium and exhibition will be held in association with our project partners, the Royal Geographical Society in London, and the Dominion Arts Centre in Southall.

There will be a number of satellite projects, including an oral history project in schools, details of which can be found on this website.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. april ashton

    This article is undated – is this project complete`? If not I have several photos on the reconstruction of The Southall film studios in 1936.

    1. culturalhistoryofsouthall Post author

      Hi,Thanks for your comment! The main funded part of the project has been completed, but we’re very happy to still receive photographs. I’m currently in discussion with the British Library to host our digital archive of the project there, and can include visual material. They will need to be copyright free, though, otherwise we’d need to find out who would need to give permission for them to be included.

      1. april wood ashton

        The photographs belong to me – they were left to me by my late uncle GEORGE HORTON WOOD whose home was in Southall until 1948 and who was working on the construction of the film studios!

      2. culturalhistoryofsouthall Post author

        Thanks. If you’d be prepared to have them included in the archive, you can email them to me on J.J.Daboo@exeter.ac.uk You’d need to say in the email that you consent to them being used in the archive by the project. Many thanks for this – it’s always great to gather material from people’s collections! Jerri.

      3. april ashton

        Yes certainly – – they are in a box at present – scanned jpg’s ?
        I have lots on early Southall so let me know if I can help in any way at all. …… after all it did have a history before the 1950’s !

      4. culturalhistoryofsouthall Post author

        Thanks, yes, scanned jpgs of whatever you’re happy to share would be great. Yes, I’ve done a lot of research into the pre-1950 history, but was focused on the period after this for the funding. It will be fabulous to see them!

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